the camera never lies….and the truth shall make you free

About the Photographer

Charles Reinhardt McGarvey is a writer, musician, performer, and photographer extraordinaire!  A genuine Southern gentleman, he is originally from Charleston, South Carolina, but speaks with no discernible accent.  Since crossing the Mason-Dixon Line in the late 90s to attend Emerson College, Charles has tried out cities such as Los Angeles and New York, but always ends up back in Boston.   As of this writing, he has visited every state save six. Charles can dance the monkey, the twist, the swim, and the electric slide, but he is still working on the watusi.

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CAUTION:  This Animal Bites!Caution: This Animal Bites

Charles Reinhardt


One response

  1. rosalind

    charles is my brother. he is amazing

    August 29, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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